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10 Best Reed Diffusers for 24/7 Home Fragrance: Best-Smelling Diffuser

When it comes to home fragrance, luxe candles get most of the attention. However, true aficionados know that other options exist—and that it’s possible to create ambiance with room spraysincense sticks, electric diffusers, and more. Our newest obsession is the reed diffuser. These stunning pieces offer many benefits their candle counterparts don’t. For example, they provide continuous fragrance, last up to four months, and don’t produce fire or smoke (in other words, they’re ideal for parents and pet owners). 

If you’ve never used a reed diffuser before, it’s easier than you think. Each set comes with a glass jar filled with fragrant oil, as well as several reeds. To disperse the fragrance, put the reeds in the oil. If the scent becomes dull, flip the reeds to disperse more fragrance. Your diffuser should last several months before it needs an oil or reed refill. 

Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite luxury reed diffusers in a range of scents from warm and sensual to citrusy and fresh. Put one in your home for continuous, worry-free fragrance.

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Luxury top designer fashions
Luxury top designer fashions
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