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18 Best Winter Sneakers 2021/2022: Stylish Cold-Weather Sneakers

When we think of winter, images of lug sole, moto, and ankle boots come to mind. But when a boot doesn’t cut it, you need a winter sneaker. In some ways, cold-weather kicks are even more versatile than boots. You can wear them with everything from slacks and skirts to dresses and leggings, making them a key component to winter style.

Here, we’ve found the best winter sneakers that will protect you from every element the season has in store. There are shearling-lined options and items with heavy-duty insulation and water-proofing—all of which reframe winter as “sneaker weather,” not “sweater weather.” Get your credit card ready; it’s time to revamp your seasonal capsule wardrobe to include a few high-fashion—and highly cozy—kicks.

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Luxury top designer fashions
Luxury top designer fashions
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