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25 Best Sephora Gifts for the Holidays 2021: Gifts From Sephora

There’s nothing better than a trip to Sephora. Whether you’re a skincare fanatic, a lipstick lover, or a beauty newbie, the iconic store stocks everything you need to achieve your desired look. While we adore the beauty destination year-round, it’s especially alluring during the holidays—just picture all those themed displays, seasonal decorations, and curated gift sets. No surprise here: It’s our go-to spot for all the beauty lovers on our list. 

From best-sellers to hidden gems to just-dropped essentials, Sephora has it all. Plus, the store offers an unrivaled loyalty program, which means your gift recipients can try loads of products while you rack up loads of Beauty Insider points. Ready to get started? These are the best Sephora gifts of the season. Shop them all to reach Rouge status by New Year’s Eve.

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Luxury top designer fashions
Luxury top designer fashions
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