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27 Cozy and Chic Winter-White Outfits to Try This Season

For some of us, winter whites can be daunting. Not even because we’re scared to stand out from the sea of black or because we might blend in with the snow, but simply because we’re scared to get our clothes dirty! We hear you, and it’s natural to want to ease into a full-on monochrome moment. That’s why we’ve come up with a handful of outfit options that allow you to layer as much as your heart desires. Whether you’re styling an all-white look for a holiday party and need ideas for your new leather boots or you’re looking to add warmth and dimension through outerwear, we know you’ll find these tips useful no matter what occasion you’re getting dressed for this season. Don’t knock the white-on-white outfit until you’ve tried it — the bright hue is sure to bestow you with newfound confidence.

Winter Whites vs. Summer Whites

While your summer separates might be skin baring (think an off-the-shoulder minidress or button-down that doubles as a swimsuit cover-up), winter whites are all about the layers. Even though you’re dressing in monochrome from head to toe, you can play with textures and tones to add volume to your outfit, so it has dimension and also keeps you warm.

What Colors Go With Winter Whites

Winter whites go best with other neutral tones like oatmeal, khaki, off-white, ivory, chocolate, and caramel or blue-gray pieces that accent your look without taking it over the top. Stay away from bold neons or other flashy shades that compete with the brightness of your whites. They’re surprisingly eye-catching to begin with!

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Luxury top designer fashions
Luxury top designer fashions
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