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9 Best Byredo Perfumes: Best-Smelling Byredo Fragrances

I’ve been drawn to Byredo fragrances for as long as I can remember—even well before I could afford to add the celeb-loved eau de parfums to my perfume arsenal. From their minimalist yet recognizable packaging to their unique and intriguing scent names, the luxury European perfumes ooze elegance and sophistication à la a bottle of fine wine.

Swedish native Ben Gorham unveiled the fragrance brand 15 years ago in 2006, with the mission of “translating memories and emotions into products and experiences.” His first launch was Gypsy Water, a perfume that’s become an undisputed cult favorite for its fresh and free-spirited composition. Since then, he’s bottled up numerous one-of-a-kind fragrances, and even launched a cosmetics line in partnership with British beauty icon Isamaya Ffrench.

Gorham’s perfume perfections have taken fragrance aficionados on an olfactory journey through time and space. Recently, he went as far as creating a perfume entitled Mixed Emotions to describe the tumultuous nature of our times. That’s, perhaps, the perfect example of the founder’s genius: being able to bottle up emotions, be it good, bad, or somewhere in between. 

Byredo perfumes are the kind you want to indulge in, so, to help you pick your favorite, I’ve ranked and reviewed nine of its most unique unisex fragrances, starting with my absolute must-haves to scents you simply can’t go wrong with. Fresh, unique fragrances, right this way…

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