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Best Ellis Brooklyn Perfumes: Top-Ranked Ellis Brooklyn Scents

Launched in 2015, Ellis Brooklyn was one of the first clean and luxury fragrance lines on the market, filling a much-needed void for scents that smelled amazing but were made with sustainable, eco-friendly, and safe ingredients. As a beauty columnist for the New York Times, founder Bee Shapiro was no stranger to testing the latest and greatest in cosmetics and fragrances. After years of evaluating other brands’ products, she parlayed her immense beauty industry knowledge into a brand of her own.

“When I was pregnant with my first daughter, Ellis (while living in Brooklyn), I became very sensitive to the fragrances I was testing at work,” Shapiro tells us. Curious as to why this was happening, she began researching ingredients and became hyper-aware of the formulations used in beauty products. “I was inspired to create clean fragrances that matched the sophistication of luxury fragrances,” Shapiro shares. “I learned everything about fragrances, formulated with master perfumers, and sourced clean ingredients and sustainable packaging,” she adds.

In the years since its launch, Ellis Brooklyn has set itself apart through its commitment to sustainable and ethical ingredient sourcing, responsible packaging, and safe and effective ingredients (free of those hard-to-pronounce ingredients like acetone and butoxyethanol)—all without sacrificing the quality of the fragrances.

With a handful of perfumes in its lineup, I set out to rank the most popular scents that loyal users can’t get enough of. But don’t just take my word; sample some scents on your own with the Fully Booked Rollerball Perfume Gift Set—ideal for those who want to test out the brand’s best-selling fragrances without too much commitment. And because fragrance is highly personal (what smells fantastic to one person can smell entirely different to another), it’s always best to try before you buy. Nonetheless, these are my favorite Ellis Brooklyn scents—from cozy to beachy—ranked.

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Luxury top designer fashions
Luxury top designer fashions
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