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Ella Hunt Takes Us Inside ‘Dickinson’’s Final Premiere

The quote “parting is such sweet sorrow” may be attributed to Shakespeare, but Emily Dickinson is the poet more closely associated with the melancholy of saying goodbye. For the third and final season premiere of Dickinson—the Apple TV+ series that fictionalized the young poet’s life, as well as her relationship with her family and best friend, Sue Huntington Gilbert Dickinson—the actress Ella Hunt, who plays Sue, took us inside her process for that final farewell. “Over the course of the last two seasons, we have watched Sue struggle through grief and repression, and in season three, Sue is finally allowing herself to love the person she loves and to embrace the mess and complexities of her life with a spirit of joy and hope,” Hunt said. “It was such a thrill for me to get to play this final season of Sue—Sue in full bloom—allowing herself to love shamelessly and step into her unconventionality in all corners of her life, and I hope that fans and viewers of the show take joy and the courage from this final chapter of Sue’s journey.”

Hunt arrived to the party wearing a pink tulle Prada ensemble—the very first look she’s worn by the Italian label—and matched the feminine gown with a more androgynous short haircut, paired with Mindi Mond rings and Repossi earrings, all thanks to her stylist, Sarah Slutsky. Take a peek at the evening’s festivities, here.

Ella Hunt, just before getting ready for the Dickinson season three premiere.

“Mara and Rachel are a glam team I have admired for so long and getting to work with them for the Dickinson premiere was a complete dream come true. The happiest of times being pampered by these wonderful ladies!!”

“Since I cut my hair short I love wearing a structured ear cuff; this Repossi earring set may be the most extraordinary one I have ever worn. I am melting inside.”

Ella Hunt’s Prada ensemble.

“My childhood nickname was ‘Pink’ and six-year-old me is SCREAMING rn.”

“A lot of the time I opt for a more androgynous vibe but this felt like the perfect moment to fully embrace my femininity.”

“Sarah is a jewelry goddess. Watching her dream up shapes and sparkles to go with my looks is the most fun and she always manages to find a way for me to feel cool as well as sparkly. Mindi Mond rings. ❤️”

“I feel like one of Degas’ ballet dancers. I want to twirl in this tulle forevermore.”

“My first time wearing Prada ❤️.”

“I’ve always dreamt of wearing Prada to a premiere. I’m completely in awe of everything Miuccia Prada touches and I couldn’t think of a more special first moment to wear one of Prada’s red carpet creations than tonight.”

“How does Prada manage to make the prettiest and most comfortable shoes??”

“I died a small and delightful death when my castmate Anna Baryshnikov walked in the room in her vintage Chanel premiere look ❤️.”

“Love looking into Anna Baryshnikov’s eyes and whispering sweet nothings to each other.”

“Anna and I with our incredible creator and showrunner Alena Smith.”

“The sunset really came through for us.”

“Alexa! Play ‘She’s a Lady’ by Tom Jones!”

Ella Hunt at her hotel balcony.

En route to the Dickinson premiere.

The Dickinson cast poses with showrunner Alena Smith on the red carpet at the premiere in Los Angeles.

Courtesy of Eric Charbonneau / LE STUDIO Photography.

Anna Baryshnikov, Hailee Steinfeld, and Ella Hunt (wearing a floral Celine dress) pose at the Dickinson season three premiere after party.

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