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If there’s one nostalgic beauty product we’re excited to see make a comeback, it’s lip gloss. Once an early-aughts staple, the throwback makeup product has gotten a major upgrade since its initial rise to fame. While the glosses of yesteryear delivered on shine, they often got stuck in our hair and all over our mouths and cheeks, making them a total bother. Twenty years later, we’re happy to report that the newer, more grown-up glosses are nothing like those sticky versions we used to hoard.

Today’s modern lip glosses plump your pout with a pop of smooth, shiny color that doesn’t feel thick or goopy. Even better, most formulas feature ingredients that nourish your lips to keep them happy and hydrated, all while providing the mirror-like look you desire. Here are the 13 best non-sticky lip glosses that don’t skimp on shine. Finally, you can get that coveted noughties lip without the hassle.

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Luxury top designer fashions
Luxury top designer fashions
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