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Is the At-Home Boxing System Worth It?

The Liteboxer system ships from California and typically arrives within 10 business days of ordering. It comes in two boxes that are shrink-wrapped together. There is an optional platform extender that you can purchase, and that adds a third box. Liteboxer recommends the extender ($350) for users over 6’1”. Liteboxer reps set up the system upon delivery.

The exact box dimensions are:

  • Box A: 40.74 in x 35.75in x 17.75in
  • Box B: 44 in x 32 in x 10.5 in
  • Box BE (platform extender): 41in x 37.75 in x 10in

The system weighs 150 pounds without the platform extender. If my knee had been up to it, I could have carried most of the unit up my stairs in a few trips. However, the platform itself is large and cumbersome and requires help from one or two other people.

The Liteboxer system includes a platform to stand on and a large upright stand that could be equated to a standing boxing dummy. The stand has six sensor pads that light up during boxing workouts to indicate where to punch. It also has a small platform to hold whatever device you’re using—either a phone or tablet—during the workout. The system also has to be plugged into a wall. The unit itself does not require a WiFi connection; it turns on and runs through the app.

The Liteboxer is bigger than some of the at-home workout systems out there. The exact footprint, once assembled, is 37.6” x 55.5”, and the brand recommends at least 12” of clearance in the front and sides of the unit. The height is adjustable and can accommodate users up to 6’4”. This was one of the drawbacks for me. I live in a smaller apartment with my dog and don’t have a ton of extra space. I rearranged my furniture so the Liteboxer didn’t feel in the way. Because the platform is flat, it’s not completely dead space.

A minor drawback was the need to use either your cell phone or tablet. Liteboxer does not provide a screen, nor does it have one available to purchase separately. The small platform on the stand, which I was told would support a phone or a tablet, was definitely made for a tablet. This made it a bit frustrating to use. Anytime I wanted to skip songs or choose another workout, I had to step off the platform and go over to my phone.

While it’s a bit large and heavy, the design itself is quite sleek and feels and looks high-quality. Once it’s set up, it’s easy to move around the room; it rolls back onto wheels located at the bottom of the platform.

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Luxury top designer fashions
Luxury top designer fashions
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