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The Morning After: Finding some peace playing ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’

Why is Konami making low- to midrange gaming PCs? I do not have the answer, and I can’t tell you why they’re in these bulging grater-style cases. But here it is, the Arespear lineup that’s ready to go on sale in Japan.

Arespear Gaming PCs


There’s no indication they’ll ever be released anywhere else, but maybe Silent Hill fans are looking to import the ultimate accessory. Or maybe not.

— Richard

What to expect from Samsung’s Unpacked event next week

Samsung isn’t great at keeping secrets.

Galaxy Unpacked


The big Samsung mobile event is still a few days away, but we have a pretty good idea of what to expect. If you can’t wait until Wednesday, let Chris Velazco break down all the leaks — minus a late breaking one this morning — from the next Galaxy Note to the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

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Playing ‘Flight Simulator’ at home feels like meditation

Perhaps the perfect game for lockdown.

Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)


Microsoft’s highly anticipated Flight Simulator is almost here — and VR support is on its way. When most of us can’t leave the country, using a combination of photogrammetry, procedural generation and hand-crafted code, developers have recreated our world in ridiculous detail, with particular attention paid to major cities, landmarks and (of course) airports. As Jessica Conditt puts it: “There are 117 million lakes on Earth and all of them are in Flight Simulator.” Read on for her full impressions on each individual lake. I’m kidding.

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GMC teases its 1,000HP electric Hummer truck and SUV

Production is scheduled to begin in late 2021.

Hummer EV


GM will unveil an electric Cadillac next week, but the more anticipated option is this 1,000HP “supertruck.” The electric Hummer will come in two versions, and a minute-long teaser video gave us an idea of what to expect before they’re officially unveiled this fall.

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Luxury top designer fashions
Luxury top designer fashions
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