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This Dr Disrespect Cake Is An Absolute ‘Treat’

Everyone’s favorite Dr Disrespect is back and the streaming community is happy. Doc is a great entertainer and it is great to see him do what he does best. Of course fans poured in their best wishes and welcomed him back to the streaming world. But this particular fan went the extra mile and showed her love for Doc very differently.

Twitter user Natalie Sideserf posted this video of a Dr Disrespect cake. Take a look:

Dr. Disrespect cake! The Doc is back, so I’m celebrating with cake 🔥 Watch me make this cake at #championsclub #EverythingIsCake

— Natalie Sideserf (@NatalieSideserf) August 10, 2020

This is absolutely amazing. So much so that Doc actually responded to this saying “Pretty sweet…..Get it? Hahaha hahaha. Haha.” Obviously, the pun was intended. This is a great gesture by Natalie and the cake looks delicious, too.

If you don’t already know, she also runs her own YouTube channel where she takes you through the entire process of making these cakes. She makes amazing hyper-realistic cakes and is truly skilled. Take a look at how she went about turning Doc’s head into a cake below.

A lot of the top streamers also expressed their excitement when they heard that Doc is indeed coming back.


— timthetatman (@timthetatman) August 6, 2020

You’ve been missed, my boy.

— nickmercs (@NICKMERCS) August 6, 2020

the doc is back

— benjyfishy (@benjyfishy) August 6, 2020

Dr Disrespect on his Twitch ban and Shroud’s whereabouts

Everyone is really happy with Doc’s return. But the reason why he was banned from Twitch still remains a mystery. Doc made a comeback on YouTube with a 24-hour livestream. There he mentioned how people are still asking him the reason for his ban from Twitch. Turns out Doc himself is also clueless regarding that.

As of now, Ninja and Doc both are on YouTube. Ninja did a stream on Twitch with Dr Lupo but that’s about it. The question then arises, where is Shroud? Doc himself had the same question and said during a stream “Shroud, where’s Shroud, what the hell is going on with Shroud? Can anybody tell me? What are his little GIFs? I hope that he’s going pro. That’s the only thing I could speculate. I hope he’s going pro. It looks like there’s some hints on Valorant, I don’t know, I’ve seen some of the speculation around these GIFs. GIFs, GIFs, f*****, I don’t know”, 

Shroud has been teasing the fans with a cryptic message and well, it looks like he may just go pro again. Shroud’s return will also be a huge deal considering he is also one of the biggest streamers in the world. Stay tuned for further updates on the same.

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Luxury top designer fashions
Luxury top designer fashions
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