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Top Tinted & Clear Eyebrow Gels in 2021

Nothing frames the face and brings together a whole look quite like a pair of perfectly groomed arches. Whether you prefer a fluffy, boy brow look or the latest laminated finish, full, well-defined eyebrows are undoubtedly here to stay, making the search for the best brow products all the more important. And while eyebrow pencils and pomades are great for filling in sparse areas, when it comes to effortlessly shaping and taming your hairs, there’s only one product that we reach for: brow gel. 

“Eyebrow gels are used to groom and set the brow hairs into place with light to strong hold,” explains René de la Garza, owner of Brow Down Studio in Los Angeles and celebrity brow stylist to the likes of Lizzo and Cardi B. Compared to eyebrow pencils, which he notes help fill in sparse areas, brow gels style the hair and, when tinted, “are also a great quick fix for grey coverage,” adds de la Garza

In addition to setting brows in place, eyebrow gels are also a great way to help shape, define, and volumize the hairs, with one user-friendly product. When shopping for brow gels, de la Garza recommends considering the texture and color of your hair first and foremost. “If you have coarse brow hair, opt for a brow gel that has a stronger hold,” he says. “However, if your hair is thinner, a light hold will be enough to help set the brows without weighing them down. As for the tint, you want to look for a color that is as close to your natural hair color to ensure the most seamless coverage.” That said, if you want to temporarily change up the color of your brows for a makeup look, he’s all for it. “Opt for a light blonde color gel if you want a “bleached brow” effect,” he notes. “Or, go for a darker color when you want to amp up your look.”

To help you find the perfect product for your arches, we’ve rounded up 15 of the best brow gels for every look and preference. 

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Luxury top designer fashions
Luxury top designer fashions
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