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Who is Paola Franchi? Maurizio Gucci’s Girlfriend in House of Gucci

Born in 1953, the Milan native was actually a childhood friend of Maurizio Gucci’s. Franchi married copper industrialist Giorgio Colombo in 1983, and the couple had their son Charly two years later. After separating from Colombo, Franchi reconnected with Gucci, and the two started dating in 1990. Sharing a luxury apartment in Corso Venezia, Milan, the interior designer became Gucci’s live-in partner for five years. Once Gucci’s divorce from Reggiani was finalized in 1994, he and Franchi began planning their marriage. But that, of course, never happened as the businessman was gunned down and killed in 1995. The next day, Franchi was ordered by Reggiani to move out of the luxury apartment she lived in with Gucci. 

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Luxury top designer fashions
Luxury top designer fashions
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