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Who Is Paolo Gucci? What Happened to Paolo from House of Gucci

Paolo’s new venture didn’t quite go as planned. He reportedly spent upwards of $8 million in the fight to use his own name for his new brand. And according to The New York Times, in 1982 Paolo made assault charges against his two brothers, Roberto and Giorgio, as well as his cousin, Maurizio. Paolo filed a $13 million lawsuit against the three and his father, Aldo. Not long after, Paolo gave crucial information that led to his father’s arrest in 1986 for evading American taxes. 

Following a trademark fight with his family, in 1987 Paolo was granted the right to use his name under his line. But, not long after he won the battle, Paolo sold his interest in the company for a whopping $45 million. Then, in 1993, the businessman declared bankruptcy, claiming debts of $90 million.

Paolo died in 1995 at age 64 from chronic hepatitis. The same year, Maurizio was shot dead in Milan. The plot thickens: Maurizio’s ex-wife was convicted of arranging the murder in 1998. To learn more about the chaotic family dynasty, you’ll have to tune in on November 24. And holy moly, get your popcorn ready—this movie will undoubtedly make your mouth drop.

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Luxury top designer fashions
Luxury top designer fashions
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